Mobility A weekly 60 minute class with rolling registration. Drop-ins and punch pass available.

Foam Rolling A weekly 30 minutes class with rolling registration. Drop-ins and punch pass available.

Strength A weekly 60 minute class with monthly registration.

Meditation A free 15 minute weekly beginner’s meditation

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“I am beginning to notice the outline of a six pack for the first time ever.” -Rose, athlete

“I appreciate the supportive, informative and relaxed tone you set. I’ve found a sweet spot for strength and balance training that I didn’t know existed.”

“I loved how you connected everything to skiing, and I really felt that these sessions just dialed me in so much and helped me get a lot stronger and more tuned in to my movements. Thanks so much!”

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Join us for sport-specific mobility, stability, and balance exercises, targeting effective movement patterns for running and Nordic skiing. Sessions are held on Zoom and run 60 minutes. Registration is always open for this weekly class. Can’t make the live class? Recordings are available.


Enjoy a strength workout from your own living room, using simple gear and sport-specific movement patterns. Registration is for one month (4 classes.) A discount is available if you wish to receive the recordings only (no live attendance.)


Got a foam roller? Learn how to use it! In these 30-minute sessions we’ll roll several major muscle groups, talk about how to get those tight spots, and learn proper technique to ensure optimal benefit. Enjoy this time dedicated to recovery. Can’t make the live class? Recordings are available.

Private class & in-person workouts

If you’d like to schedule a remote class for your group or club, or if you’d like to meet in person for a workout, contact me.


July & August Schedule (EST)

Mondays 8-9 a.m. Strength

Mondays 5-6 p.m. JNT Mobility (private class)

Tuesdays 5:30-6 Foam Rolling

Fridays 5-6 Mobility
Fridays 6-6:15 Beginner’s Meditation



Mobility sessions $10/drop in, $50 for 8 class pass. Free for Ford Sayre Club members

Private strength sessions $50 per month (4 sessions), $40 for recordings-only (no live attendance.)

Foam Rolling $5/drop in, $25 for 8 class pass.

If you're a club administrator and want to pre-pay for a class for you club members, contact me.
Meditation is FREE for all