Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

If you thought my breathwork practice sounded wild, wait until you hear this. Biomagnetic pair therapy is an incredibly not well-known complementary healing method, and luckily enough, I currently live in our nation’s hotspot of biomagnetic therapists. The therapy is based on a combination of energy healing and use of magnets to manipulate the pH of parts of the body, and it goes like this:

I relax on the table while my practitioner sits at my feet and asks my body questions, using muscle-testing (a way of reading the body’s energy) to discern the answers. In this way, the practitioner can learn about pathogens, toxins, emotions, and energetic “blocks” within the body that may be causing dis-ease or exacerbating symptoms. The practitioner then places magnets on the body in accordance with energy meridians (like those used in acupuncture) to support the body in healing in various ways. Magnet placement is meant to support the body’s healing mechanisms and overall functioning.

In my case, my body began by informing us that it was suffering from mold toxicity, nearly a dozen tick-borne viruses and bacteria (including Borellia, the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease,) various heavy metal toxicities, Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) (the virus that causes Mononucleosis), and a handful of other pathogens, and at subsequent appointments continued to report serious emotional distress, dysregulation of sleep, nervous system distress, lymphatic overload, and liver and kidney distress*.

As I have written about, my medical doctor refused to treat or even test me for Lyme Disease and EBV, because I had had both of these in the past, and recovered from them. It is accepted within western medicine that EBV, at least, lives (usually dormant) in the body forever after infection, but for some reason, many doctors do not believe that EBV, once identified by the immune system, could ever cause infection again, even after an immunocompromising event. As for Lyme Disease, it is debated as to whether some Borrelia (the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease) may survive antibiotic treatment by “hiding” in the body. Given what we know about antibiotics essentially speeding the evolution of bacteria by killing all but the most resilient bugs, coupled with the known ability of Borrelia to hide from the immune system, I am honestly frustrated by many doctors’ reluctance to believe that a person would continue to have Lyme Disease after being treated with antibiotics. (Check out this excellent interview from a fellow Chronic Lyme sufferer, who speaks about this issue.)

In another MD’s hands, I may well have been diagnosed with both Mono and Chronic Lyme. (So you can see why many different diagnoses among different individuals may all be pointing toward similar forms of dis-ease.)

Because the body cannot heal from, or “clear,” (as we call it in the world of biomagnetics,) all these toxicities at once, it takes several appointments to fully heal. My treatment lasted about a year, and was a rollercoaster. True to form, my body usually requested extremely high loads of pathogens to clear, which often meant I left sessions feeling totally exhausted, sometimes nauseous or dizzy. For the first few months, I would generally feel hard-core sick for a few days after treatment, and feel pretty good by the time I went in for the next session (my body tells us how long it needs between each session…and it’s pretty darn accurate!) By the later months I felt pretty good across the board, and my remaining symptoms didn’t always align so clearly with treatments. (As my body cleared layers of pathogens and trauma, new things were unearthed, which led to new symptoms cropping up.)

As you can read about here, I think of the symptoms I experienced as falling into two categories: nervous system and immune symptoms. I began treatment in March of 2021. By October 2021, I was no longer experiencing nervous system symptoms, and by February 2022 my immune symptoms were almost fully resolved. I completed my biomagnetic pair therapy in Feb 2022, although I plan to see a practitioner regularly (though much less frequently) from now on to help keep my body in tune, similarly to how some folks may use acupuncture or Reiki.

You may still have about a hundred questions about how this works, and the simple answer may well be that we don’t know. We don’t know exactly how it works. I found biomagnetic pair therapy at the suggestion of a dear friend to whom I will be grateful for the rest of my life. I plan to learn the protocol and someday be able to help others heal. I have already begun my training in applied kinesiology (muscle testing,) and my first instruction in biomagnetic pair therapy is scheduled for May of 2022.

To find a practitioner who has undergone the rigorous training in Lyme-specific biomagnetic pair therapy that my practitioner received, you can begin here, though this list is often outdated. Contact me if you want further recommendations.

*It is important to note that biomagnetics, like all forms of energy healing, cannot provide a medical diagnosis. Muscle testing, or applied kinesiology, is not a scientifically validated principle. Some of the pathogens my body told us it was harboring were indeed found in medical testing, but for me, the reason I’m so confident in biomagnetics is that I’ve experienced it working. I cannot explain why it works, but for now, that is okay with me!