Other similar protocols that I haven’t tried

There are many techniques that go by different names and vary in their specifics, but that focus on similar elements of healing. Here are a few that I haven’t tried:

  • Brain retraining programs such as DNRS and the Lightning Process
  • A form of psychotherapy called Reverse Therapy, semi-famously used in the early 2000’s by world champion UK paddler Anna Hemmings, which is based on the theory that a condition called hypothalamitus (essentially, a dysregulated hypothalamus) is responsible for many of the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue, and can be healed through re-regulation
  • The Perrin Technique: a form of lymphatic support aimed at helping the body clear toxins and pathogens as well as metabolic waste. This protocol functions very differently from Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, but likewise supports the body’s natural capacity to heal itself. The Perrin Technique also posits the involvement of the hypothalamus, suggesting that if the body is unable to drain metabolic waste during deep sleep, the waste accumulates in cerebrospinal fluid, creating backflow into the hypothalamus and other brain areas.

The reason I have not tried these protocols is that they support similar goals to what I was already pursuing in other treatments, and it would have been counterproductive to overload my body. I struck a balance that met my body’s needs, and didn’t need to add anything further. I do believe any of the above treatments would have been worth trying if I hadn’t found something else first, and I may still try some of these therapies in future to support my ongoing health.