Yes, I am taking a few supplements, but they land here at the bottom of the list because they’re the “treatment” I think I could probably do without. After painstaking research into the mechanics of cellular biology (not something I wanted to do,) I decided on a small handful of supplements I thought might support my personal healing. My biomagnetic pair therapist muscle-tested to confirm my choices, and I curated my list based on my body’s preference and my own research.

I take two antioxidants: A-Lipoic Acid and L-Carnitine, both of which have been shown in studies of experimental treatments for ME/CFS to provide limited relief of some symptoms in some patients. While the science is luke-warm on this front, I opted for antioxidants because my whole health crash started with OTS, which is, in essence, a problem caused by oxidative stress.

Following the same line of supporting cellular energy production, I also take a sublingual, activated form of Vitamin B12 to support production of red blood cells, as well as magnesium to support ATP production. This is in addition to my previous supplements: Vitamin D3, Omega 3, and a multivitamin with iron.

These supplements are tailored to my specific needs and dietary gaps. I do not believe I will need the antioxidants forever, but I may continue to take B12 and magnesium even after I fully recover.