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Figuring Out Life’s Big Questions

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Congratulations. Seriously. If you are here, you are asking the Big Questions.


You clearly are actively engaged with your life, ready to create what you really want. You are not satisfied with settling, and the easiest most obvious path isn’t the one for you. It takes real courage to face the uncertainty that is ahead of you.

You’ve read my story. (Or if you haven’t, you can do so here.)

You know me as Carly the professional athlete and digital nomad. And you know I have followed a winding and obscure path to get here. And now I’m going to let you in on a secret, because if you’ve read this far, you deserve the full truth.

In the past three years, my life has been totally terrifying. I have felt so lonely, uncertain, and lost. I have suffered anxiety attacks and periods of absolute despair.

I have also felt the biggest sense of freedom. Of joy, love and hope for the future. I know I have my finger on the pulse of something good. Something right. I am living how I was meant to and being who I am supposed to be.

But it only happens through honest and open self-examination. This is hard to do. Many people don’t do it. Many people think it is easier to choose a pre-laid path than to carve their own. They are right.

But if you have examined the roads well traveled and decided that none of them will allow you to truly LIVE, then you have some self-examining to do. And then you have to create!

I am here to help.

When I delve into my own psyche, I force myself to face the things that scare me. My truest, deepest desires, my doubts and fears. If you are ready to truly know yourself, and to create the best version of your life, I can help you do that too. Together we will reach into the darkest corners of your brain and discover your true passion, your direction, your purpose. I will help you uncover the lies you tell yourself about why you cannot have what you desire. I will help you set yourself free, blast through your hidden inner barriers, and learn to thrive.

Consider this excerpt from a recent conversation I had with Chelsea*, 24

*Not her real name

Chelsea: I feel like I can’t move forward until I separate my athletic goals from my life goals.

Me: Give me an example of an athletic goal

Chelsea: Well, I really just like the feeling of pushing my body. I want to practice a sport with the goal of seeing how good I can become.

Me: How is that different from a life goal?

Chelsea: It doesn’t make me money. It doesn’t prove I’m doing something valuable with my life.

Me: But it is part of your lifestyle just the same.

Chelsea: Yeah, but…like, it doesn’t lead me to having an independent life.

Me: So what would you consider to be a life goal?

Chelsea: To have a job and be financially independent, and, be able to take care of myself and know what I want.

Me: And you see your athletic goals as not contributing to your life goals?

Chelsea: Yeah. Like they don’t work together.

Me: Then do you really need to separate the two? Or are they already separate?

Chelsea: Yeah, I don’t see how I can have them both.

Me: Then you don’t need to separate your life goals and athletic goals, you need to UNITE them. You see them as separate entities, impossible to have at the same time. This is the belief that is limiting you. As soon as you begin seeing the two as parts of a greater whole, you can start building a life around them.

Chelsea: But how?

Me: First, it’s about how you frame it to yourself. Re-name “Life Goals” to represent what those goals truly are. The goals you have named are mainly financial goals. So rename them thus, and then tell yourself that Financial Goals and Athletic Goals are pieces of a whole life. Maybe we can call that “Chelsea’s Highest Life.”

Chelsea: So now they can work together to build a full life.

Me: Right. You have redefined “Life Goals” to better represent what you truly mean, Financial Goals. And you have re-framed the question. Now the question is not how to separate financial goals and athletic goals, but how to make them work together.

Chelsea: But how do I? They don’t work together!

Me: Why do they not seem to work together? How do they work against each other?

Chelsea: I’m not a good enough athlete to make money doing it!

Me: You’re not a good enough chef to make money doing that either. But you still cook, every day, and enjoy it. Just because you don’t make money at something doesn’t mean there is no way to do it, or no value in doing it. That is an invisible script you tell yourself. That’s an excuse you make out of fear. It’s easier to say, “I can’t do this sport because I’m not a pro and I have no money,” than it is to face the fact that you don’t know how to do something. It’s always easier to say “I can’t” than “I don’t know how.”


“I don’t know how” leaves open the possibility that it can be done, but that we may not do it. “I can’t” lets us off the hook. “I can’t” may be easier to accept.

But it’s not the way to living a full life. And you are going to have better than that.

Chelsea and I are working together to help her understand what she really wants at this phase in life, and the lies she is telling herself without even realizing it about why she can’t have what she wants. We are completely overhauling the way she thinks about her goals and the types of questions that she asks.

You and I can do the same.

This is not an online course. This is not a DIY manual. This is personal, one-on-one coaching.

And you can afford it. (Because I know that’s going to be your first excuse.)

EVERYONE gets a free first session to get to know me and allow me to begin to understand you and your life. Look, I get it, when you’re in the middle of totally questioning your life and identity you might not have the funds to spare. But I can tell you from personal experience, knowing that you are on the right track is worth any amount of money.

Payment plans are as flexible as the coaching I offer. From sliding scales to extended payment plans, even to free services, we will find something that works for you.

Contact me below to get started. Simply tell me a little about yourself and why you are interested in working with me, and I will get back to you!

Digital Nomadism

So you think you’d like to work from your laptop, live anywhere in the world, travel as much as you like, and be your own boss?

IMGP8446I don’t blame you. I can’t imagine my life any other way.

It’s a big and messy world here in the online-income industry, and I’m going to guide you through it. You can do it, even if you don’t even know what “domain name” means. Even if you don’t have a smartphone. That was me one year ago. Yes, actually. You can’t start much more basic than I did.

I offer one-on-one coaching to help you build a fully nomadic life or simply work more travel into your current lifestyle. If you would like to work with me, or simply have some questions you would like me to address in upcoming blog posts, drop me a line.