fb_img_1547837378427-01-01I’m Carly, an independent-minded, adventure-seeking, travel-happy semi-professional ski racer, digital nomad, creative writer and amateur musician-hacker. Through a continuous process of self-development, I am designing a lifestyle that allows me to

excel as a semi-pro athlete

be location-independent

explore more rad places!

Interviews and Articles:


  • My philosophy on athletics and identity, the Olympic Dream, and the overlap between travel, training, and coaching. Click here.
  • The story of a teammate’s tragic death and its subsequent effect on my own athletic trajectory, told at a live storytelling event for outdoors enthusiasts and athletes called Boldly Went. Click here.
  • An interview with a Nordic Ski podcast, Word on the Trail, about lifestyle, elite athletics, and creating the life you want to live. Click here.
  • A Story of Love and Landscape, told at a live event. Click here.


Creative Writing and Essays

More About Me

Since graduating from Dartmouth College in 2015, I’ve adopted a Nomadic lifestyle, following the exciting training and racing opportunities all around the world. (Wondering Where I Am Now?) I’ve skied, ran, and biked through some pretty amazing places, like here:

The world-renowned Nordic center in Davos, Switzerland

and here:

Beach running in Costa Rica

and here:

Mountain biking in Durango, Colorado

I am currently training and racing on the U.S. domestic pro circuit, called the Super Tour circuit. My time is divided primarily between my home base in New York, and my primary training ground in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Montana. In between, I travel as much as possible.

word clous

(If you would like to support my race season, or would like me to consider promoting your product while I travel, please check out my Sponsors page! You can also donate securely at my fundraising page.)

I want to share my adventures with you, and help you achieve the lifestyle you dream of! Maybe that means that, like me, you want to travel the world to all the coolest places to hike, ski, run, bike and swim. Maybe have training goals, like a big race coming up, or simply want help getting started with your sport. Perhaps some of you want to

learn how to be a digital nomad.

All of those things are super cool, and you will find info on all of that here at the blog and Coaching

You can also contact me here, or join my email list to get the latest adventure, travel and training tips in your inbox.



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