I’m Carly, an independent-minded, adventure-seeking, athlete and digital nomad. In 2015, I started Carly Outside, with the goal of taking my coaching business on the road with me while I ski raced semi-professionally. When I’m not working with my athletes or adventuring outside, I enjoy creative writing, making music, and sleeping (all that adventure tires me out!)

Interviews, Podcasts, and Articles

My philosophy on athletics and identity, the Olympic Dream, and the overlap between travel, training, and coaching. Click here.

Boldly Went is a live storytelling event for outdoor enthusiasts and athletes. Find the stories wherever you get your podcasts. In episode 63, I tell the story of a teammate’s tragic death and its subsequent effect on my own athletic trajectory. And in episode 93, I tell A Story of Love and Landscape.

An interview with a Nordic Ski podcast, Word on the Trail, about lifestyle, elite athletics, and creating the life you want to live. Click here.

Demystifying VO2 Max

It’s all Uphill (Skiing) from Here

UVRC Runner Profile (Carly Wynn, by Scott King)

Creative Writing and Essays

Some rad adventures:


Wondering Where I am Now?

word clous

Itching to get out for your next workout? Check out these classes and (free) resources

Chat with a coach

All the cool adventure stories are on the blog, and pics are on Instagram

Lifestyle & Digital Nomad Tools

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