Here’s what other athletes are saying…

“Your magic really works! And it has not been difficult or painful at all. You are awesome Carly!” -Vivian, 50, skier

“You are a gem. One heck of an incredible and motivating coach, and such a warm and understanding and supportive soul.” -Rose, 48, skier; runner; and cyclist

State championships were today, and I managed to pull off wins in both the classic and skate races. Without your help in my training this fall and winter, this result would not have been remotely possible. Thank you so much for all your work and guidance!!” -S, 14, skier

“Wow! Working with Carly has been a life-changer. I reached out to her after seeing her advertisement for half-marathon training plans. I originally expected to receive some sort of generic half-marathon training plan, but to my surprise and delight, I found myself a personal trainer. Carly wrote custom-designed weekly workout schedules with mileage, paces, and heart rate zone goals for each day, which she adjusted as needed based upon my performance. Furthermore, she taught me about what nutrition is needed prior to and after different types of workouts for optimal results. I felt like a celebrity! And the results of working with Carly? Incredible!!! After working with Carly for only three months, I took three and a half minutes off my previous half-marathon time which I had run nine months earlier on much easier terrain.

I was so pleased with the results that I continued to work with Carly after the half-marathon, and I’m so glad I did. My teammates were astonished at my dramatic improvement. Before Carly, I was one of the slowest on the team, but in my second season (new and improved by Carly), I ran over a minute faster than I had the previous year on the same courses. Not only is Carly a fantastic coach and trainer, but we also developed a close friendship. I always look forward to talking with her. She’s available 24/7 via text, and is always ready to answer any immediate and specific questions I might have regarding a workout, or if I’m having a stressful day and need to rework the training plan. Overall, Carly has ended up being above and beyond what I had ever dreamed. She has transformed me into a whole new higher-level athlete. She is incredibly knowledgeable and professional. If you want to improve, Carly can teach you how. I recommend her wholeheartedly and completely. She is fabulous!  I love working with her!” -P.O., 24, runner

“Overall I’m super happy to have way more organization to my training and to not have to stress about what I am or should be doing. It’s also turning out I have way more time to train than I thought I did, and I think that is down to the fact that with a training plan I have enough advanced warning about what I need to be getting done that I can actually organize my life to fit it. It’s been really nice.” Silke, 28, skier and runner

“We relied on Carly for weekly training log checks for our remote athletes as well as offering a skier-specific mobility session once a week for the entire winter to all athletes. Carly provided our coaching staff with a very useful and concise summary of observations each week from the training logs that helped inform our coaching decisions. In mobility, our skiers connected well with Carly and really appreciated the depth of knowledge and attention she put into the individual athletes and into catering the program to fit the demands of the sport and the needs of the group. Moreover, the ease of being able to switch from homework right into mobility or strength and right to dinner time really opened our eyes to the secondary benefits of well-executed remote programming! Thanks, Carly!” -Hilary, Head Coach Ford Sayre Nordic

“I love that you make our training down to earth and approachable. When things are not relevant you are happy to say they’re not relevant, and at the end of the day the most relevant things are actually quite accessible: do the right things, in the right way, at the right time, and keep doing them. Key to success.” -Rose, skier

“I appreciate your thoughtful responses to my training questions, and I admire your athleticism so much.” -J.P.

“Before I began working with Carly, I enjoyed being active in the outdoors, but never had a systematic approach to developing my fitness. I thought I knew enough to take good care of my body, but still found myself chronically plagued by injuries. As part of a Personal Coaching program, Carly helped me develop a personalized routine to reduce my susceptibility to injury that has allowed me to bounce back incredibly quickly from my most recent round of involuntary time on the couch. Most importantly, she has helped me to understand why the exercises and workouts she recommends work. I now have the knowledge and freedom to confidently adjust my training plan to fit my schedule, rather than the other way around. Training has gone from feeling like a chore to being the most exciting part of my day. I can’t thank Carly enough!”

-Dave, 25, hiker; trail runner; outdoors enthusiast

“Carly’s advice has proved incredibly valuable to me. I’m a super casual exerciser. I love being outside biking and skiing but I’ve never been one to put together a “plan.” Carly helped me think through which exercises would contribute to my goals while addressing some persistent low-grade injuries. I’ve been blown away by how I have improved. My core is stronger than it has ever been and my cardio workouts are now optimized for maximum benefit. I’m really happy that I chose to work with Carly and would heartily recommend her to even the most casual exerciser.”


“Carly’s personalized coaching has been invaluable for my training. As part of the level one personal coaching program, Carly taught me how to develop a training schedule, offered advice based on my workout logs, and provided very helpful insight about topics ranging from nutrition to race day warm-ups. My goals are to improve my running endurance and prepare for the Nordic ski season. Her guidance made me feel more confident and motivated to train and I’ve noticed big improvements in my athleticism. I feel lucky to have learned so much that I will use in the years to come!”

-Tucker, 23, skier; outdoors enthusiast