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“I love that you always encourage us to find what’s right for us individually, to try things out and that what works for some folks might not work for others and that this is okay.”

DIY: workouts, races, training logs

Wondering if remote coaching is right for your group? Here’s what another head coach had to say:

We relied on Carly for weekly training log checks for our remote athletes as well as offering a skier-specific mobility session once a week for the entire winter to all athletes.

Carly provided our coaching staff with a very useful and concise summary of observations each week from the training logs that helped inform our coaching decisions. In mobility, our skiers connected well with Carly and really appreciated the depth of knowledge and attention she put into the individual athletes and into catering the program to fit the demands of the sport and the needs of the group.

Moreover, the ease of being able to switch from homework right into mobility or strength and right to dinner time really opened our eyes to the secondary benefits of well-executed remote programming! Thanks, Carly!

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