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Training time is play time! I offer online endurance coaching & consultation for every athlete who likes to get outside.

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“Your magic really works! And it has not been difficult or painful at all. You are awesome Carly!” -Vivian, athlete

“Wow! Working with Carly has been a life-changer. After working with Carly for only three months, I took three and a half minutes off my previous half-marathon time which I had run nine months earlier on much easier terrain. Not only is Carly a fantastic coach and trainer, but we also developed a close friendship. I always look forward to talking with her.” 


Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is ideal for athletes with medium and long-term fitness and performance goals. I currently offer two levels of personal coaching, depending on the level of attention the athlete desires.

With the Gold Coaching Package, you will receive:

  • A free initial consultation to help me determine your athletic goals, current physical fitness, and available training resources.
  • A fully customized training plan for a twelve week period.
  • Regular feedback from me. This includes:
    • Instruction on filling out an online training log
    • Regular comments and feedback from me on your recorded training
    • Unlimited consultation via text, email and video chat.
    • Optional in-depth work for related goals such as weight management
    • Weekly check-ins from me, with adjustments to the training plan if necessary.

This is my most popular coaching package. Gold level coaching will teach you why your workouts work, not simply how to follow a plan. This is the place to be if you’re ready to improve your physical training, recovery, goal-setting, strength training, and injury prevention, and get more out of the work you’re already putting in. Gold level coaching is not limited to athletes with high-level performance goals.

Because it is my goal to develop a close relationship with the athletes I work with, I can accept a limited number of athletes for Gold Level personal coaching. I am currently accepting athletes for Gold coaching. If you are interested in Gold Level and haven’t already touched base with me, please fill out this form and I will be in touch to continue for free initial consultation.

Who should choose this level? This plan is for athletes who will benefit from a high degree of attention, support, and accountability. Many athletes train more effectively when they have a coach to report to at the end of the day. As your personal coach I can offer just that, giving you feedback on each workout and making adjustments to the plan as needed, in addition to being available for all of your training questions.

With the Basic Coaching Package, you will receive:

  • A free initial consultation to help me determine your athletic goals, current physical fitness, and available training resources.
  • A fully customized training plan for a twelve week period.

Your plan comes with detailed information about how to get more out of the workouts you perform. This includes a day-by-day breakdown of each workout, including the basic physiology backing each workout so you understand why each workout is a step toward achieving your goal. Additionally, your plan includes information on intensity (interval) training, strength workouts, injury prevention, rest and recovery, nutrition, how to write a training log, and how to reschedule workouts. Photo and video instruction along with charts and checklists are also included.

Who should this level? This option is ideal for athletes with a specific and challenging goal that requires personalized attention. It is also a good option for anyone making changes to, or just beginning, a training routine, as the period of transition is a critical one for avoiding injury and developing good training habits.

Additional Details and Pricing

My specialties as an athlete and a coach are running and Nordic skiing, and I am excited to work with runners and skiers with fitness goals and/or competitive goals of any level. I provide coaching for all other endurance sports aimed at basic fitness or recreational competition goals only.

All training plans begin with a minimum of three 4-week periods (12 weeks total). Additional 4-week periods can be added.

Pricing for my coaching packages is on a sliding scale.

Basic Coaching Package $100-$125/ 4 weeks

Gold Coaching Package $175-$225/ 4 weeks

In some cases I may be able to modify either the Basic or Gold Level training programs to better fit your athletic needs or budget. Please be in touch with questions.


One-time or periodic consultation is available independent of or in conjunction with a personal coaching program. Consultation is best suited for athletes with one-time questions about training or who want occasional feedback but do not want the structure of a personal training plan, or for athletes with a Basic Level training plan who wish to address a specific question or goal in -more detail.

NEW! In-person consultation now available.

Work with Teams

I am available as a remote coach consultant for clubs or teams. I can help you design a training plan to best suit the needs of your athletes.

I also work with teams in person through one-time or recurring workshops. I have enjoyed working with both running at Nordic ski teams at the Junior and Master level. To find out if I am available in your area, contact me.

Ski and Rollerski Lessons

I offer one-on-one and group ski and rollerski lessons. One-time sessions are available, and discounts are available for recurring lessons. There are no set hours in which I offer lessons; contact me to book a time that works for you.


All programs come with a 100% money-back guarantee. I believe that if you are doing the work, you should be improving and learning, bottom line.

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