A huge thanks to everyone who donated to my 2017/2018 race season fundraiser! It takes a community to make a champion. I have now launched my fundraising campaign for the 2018/2019 Super Tour Season. Check it out! (And enter the raffle to win some cool stuff! You don’t have to donate to enter)


I would like to thank the following individuals and companies for supporting my training, racing, and nomadic life!


caldwell sport
Supplier of just about everything I use to ski, including skis, poles, wax, wax tools, bindings, boots, grinds, etc…Check them out here: http://www.caldwellsport.com/
Manufacturers of my favorite substitute for PB! SunButter’s products rule the world of totally safe allergen free spreads. Check them out: http://sunbutter.com/
Their skis feel like they have rocket boosters! Also a fine manufacturer of boots, poles, and other accessories.
Dan Plauche, my massage therapist in Bend, offers the best bodywork I’ve ever had! In the past I seriously underestimated how beneficial this kind of maintenance is for my muscles that I ask so much of… Now I’m wiser! 🙂

The Lane Family of Bend, OR. Thank you for hosting me while I train in Bend this summer and fall!

Ethel and Ray Wynn, who think it’s funny that I list my grandparents on my Sponsors page!


Want to become a sponsor?


If you have a product you think I might like, I might be interested in promoting it! I’m happy to feature products that make my life awesome in exchange for monetary sponsorship or free product! Contact me here.

I race on the U.S. domestic pro circuit, known as the Super Tours. If you would like to help me make it to all the stops on the Tour, you can contribute to my RallyMe.