Race-Specific Training Plans

Welcome! If you’ve landed here you probably just signed up for a race. Congrats! My goal is to provide training guidance as you prepare for the event. Find out about all the training plan options, and fill out the form at the bottom of the page to receive your plan.

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My name is Carly, and I’m a semi-pro Nordic skier, semi-nomadic adventurer, and an endurance coach specializing in running and Nordic skiing. You can read more about me here.

Here’s what you can expect from the training plans:

Free Plan

This is a generic plan designed to help beginner and intermediate runners prepare for the race. Two varieties (competitive or non-competitive) are available to accommodate race goals. Select competitive if you have specific pace or time goals, and non-competitive if your goal is to complete the event. Different plans are also available to accommodate different starting mileage.

Best for: athletes on a budget looking for increased guidance in their training.

Basic Plan

This is a customized training plan designed with your specific training history and goals in mind.

Athletes participating in one of the races I’ve partnered with receive a discount! Basic packages start at $75.

Best for: intermediate or beginner runners ready to make their training more effective, and athletes who want their training plan to fit cohesively with their daily schedules. 

Gold Plan

This is a customized plan combined with personal coaching. This means you will receive personal guidance and regular feedback from me, and that I am available to you for unlimited questions and consultation.

Athletes participating in one of the races I’ve partnered with receive a discount! Gold Plans start at $150.

Best for: experienced runners with specific fitness and competitive goals, as well as beginner runners interested in avoiding injury and fatigue, and gaining an understanding of their training.

Here’s what other athletes are saying…

“Your magic really works! And it has not been difficult or painful at all. You are awesome Carly!” -Vivian, athlete

“Wow! Working with Carly has been a life-changer. After working with Carly for only three months, I took three and a half minutes off my previous half-marathon time which I had run nine months earlier on much easier terrain. Not only is Carly a fantastic coach and trainer, but we also developed a close friendship. I always look forward to talking with her.” 


All Training Plans Include:

  • The specific workouts that will help you rock your race! Training plan variations are available to match your  current fitness and running experience.
  • A detailed description of when and how to do effective intensity (interval) workouts. (Like this great workout!)
  • Run-specific strength training and injury-prevention exercises to help strengthen connective tissue and keep you healthy throughout your training. Photo and video instruction is included where needed.
  • Basic information regarding nutrition and proper “fueling” for your training and racing. To see some of my latest training fuel creations, check out Foodie Friday on the blog!
  • Instruction on how to keep an effective training log.

Find out more about Basic and Gold Level Coaching here.

To get started, please fill out the form below. If you request the free option I will send you your training plan within 48 hours. If you select Basic or Gold level I will be in touch to schedule a free consultation so I can get to know your athletic history and goals.


IMPORTANT: Please read the Race-Specific Training Plan Waiver of Liability and initial below to indicate you have read and agree to the waiver. If you do not initial, I cannot send you a training plan.




Past racers are saying…

“I thought the plan was presented very well. I really appreciated the ability to adapt activities to different days within the week to best fit my schedule.” 

“The plan was clear and easy to follow.”

“Thank you, Carly!”