2017/2018 Fundraising Campaign

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick post today about my fundraiser for the 2017/2018 race season.

As some of you may know, I took an unconventional “gap year” from skiing after college. I was burnt out. I did not know at that time whether I would return to ski racing or not.

Though the year off was one of the most emotionally painful times of my life, it was a huge gift. I emerged more in love with skiing than ever, and with a clearer vision of WHY I ski. I raced last year in New England, and knew that this year I wanted to race on the national circuit.

I moved to Oregon in June to train, and will be racing the SuperTour this winter. (For those non-Nordies out there, that’s the Domestic Pro circuit here in the U.S.) Along the way I hope to spread the message that burnout happens, but it’s not the end-all. We can face it, and come back stronger.

As athletes, our relationships with our sports are ever-evolving. My reasons for ski racing and my goals are different now from when I was a high school racer. The love is stronger than ever.

If you would like to help me make it to the start lines this winter, I am running a fundraiser to help cover costs. Financial limitation is a primary reason why many talented athletes’ careers are cut short. You can read more about my story at my fundraising page.

I’m raffling off some sweet prizes through my fundraising campaign, and you do not have to donate to be entered! See the fundraising page for details.

You can also follow my race season on the blog and on my Facebook page, and my Instagram (Carly3ski.)

Please consider sharing this post. It takes a community to make a champion, and your support means the world to me.



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