#trainingtiptues and #adventuretiptues

Get outside, get fit, go on an adventure! Whatever you want to do, here are some tips to get it off the ground. Find #trainingtiptues and #adventuretiptues on my Instagram, @carlyoutside_thebox

Train your poop

Nose breathe

Understand iron

Find the water

Camp for free

Slow your roll

Maintain (or replace) your gear

“Does this COUNT as training?”

Don’t just do intervals. Do the right intervals!

Get someone else to send you adventure ideas

Be honest in your training log

Take care of your lungs!

Be adventurous with your hobbies

Buy your gear (very) early

Prepare adventure food ahead of time

Use virtual competition wisely

Research Permits… now 

Get more recovery out of your sleep

Outfit your car with bug screens

Endurance Training is baking your cake

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