Special Programming

Winter 2020/2021

  • 20/21 Winter Competition Series
  • Spenst Online Course
  • Online Workshops (live & recorded)
  • Intensity Emails
  • For weekly online classes, please click here

20/21 Winter Competition Series

Not sure whether racing can happen amidst Covid? Try a remote competition series! Beginning when the snow flies and continuing through March, compete in various solo challenges from speedy time trials to most color-coordinated ski outfit.

Entry fee (1-time)

This covers the whole series and all events.


Spenst Online Course

Spenst, Norwegian for “boing,” is a workout comprising ski-specific strength movements, jumps, and other explosive exercises. This class walks you through how to structure the workout, from warm up to post-workout recovery and everything in between. Videos demonstrate over a dozen exercises. Find five bonus exercises in Spenst Extended, as well as two sample workout structures.

Both courses include full support; contact me any time through the contact form included with the course to ask any question about the workout. Both courses are downloadable, and come with lifetime access.

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the course, contact me for a no-questions-asked refund.

Please note that Spenst Basic and Spenst Extended are for informational purposes only. Carly Wynn and CarlyOutside.com are not responsible for any injuries or other ill-effects resultant from using the information provided

Spenst Basic

(Upgrades are available from Basic to Extended for $20) A code for the course will be sent to you within 48 hours of payment receipt


Spenst Extended

Includes Spenst Basic plus additional exercises and two sample workout structures. A code for the course will be sent to you within 48 hours of payment receipt


NEW: Ford Sayre Juniors (JNT and fall HS program) may request Spenst Extended on a donation basis. If you wish to offer a donation, note the amount and select your preferred payment method, otherwise leave these fields blank. A code for the course will be sent to you within 48 hours of request.


Course Preview: The Impulse Drill

Recovery Workshop

Demystifying the open-ended world of recovery with some specific tactics and habits you can implement today. We cover three main facets of recovery (nutrition, sleep, and the 30-minute recovery window) as well as several other self-care methods you can explore. This is a recording of a live 50 minute workshop held in October 2020.

Want a hint as to one of the things we talk about? Here’s what one participant said:

Shhh, don’t tell! Everyone in my family is going to get blue-light glasses for Christmas 🙂

Recovery Workshop


Join the intensity training group

“Thanks for putting this together; I was so psyched to do something I would not do on my own!”

Ski race snow nordic

Join an organized intensity training program: designed by a coach and scheduled/implemented by the athletes. The workouts are designed with a multi-week progression in mind. Enjoy the sessions on your own, or collaborate with other athletes in the group to schedule a group workout. Coaches are available remotely for questions ahead of the workout.

All emails include: how to do the workout, how to modify the workout, and why we’re doing this workout.

Winter is divided into 2 parts: early winter intervals provides 4 workouts spanning 8 weeks (Nov. 9- Jan 3) and mid winter provides 4 workouts spanning 8 weeks (Jan 4- Feb 28).

$30 to join for just early or mid winter, $50 to join for both.

All previous workouts will be emailed to athletes who join after the start date.

Intensity Training Group

8 Biweekly emails (full winter)


Intensity Training Group

4 Biweekly emails: Early Winter


Intensity Training Group

4 Biweekly emails: Mid Winter


Midwinter Zoom Q&A: TBD

hiking running mountain cairn trail

Come with your questions on training, recovery, nutrition, sleep, gear/waxing, racing schedule or tactics, or anything else ski-related. Date and time TBD