I’m not an elite athlete. Can I still work with you?

Of course! My coaching is designed for non-elite athletes. But you have more in common with elite athletes than you think. You’re training to achieve a goal, whether that goal is general fitness, an upcoming race, or just plain fun. Like elite athletes, you need the tools, knowledge, and support to make sure you achieve those goals. That’s where I come in.

I already follow a training plan. Could I still benefit from your coaching?

Yes. You might want to check out this quiz. If you already have a training plan, I can:

  • Help you adjust it to better fit your lifestyle or athletic goals
  • Identify ways in which you’re not maximizing your workouts (that may mean you’re not taking enough time off!)
  • Teach you how to make adjustments to your training plan
  • Provide daily feedback and answer your questions
  • Help you stick to your goals by providing accountability

Do you work with athletes other than runners and Nordic skiers?

Yes. Many athletes practice several endurance sports, and even those of us who are specialized enjoy cross-training as part of our training plan. I customize my athletes’ plans to include the sports they enjoy. For competitive athletes of other sports, see below.

Can you help me prepare for an upcoming race?

It would be my pleasure! My specialties are running (both road and trail) and Nordic skiing, and I coach athletes at all levels of competition in these two sports. For competitive goals outside of running and Nordic skiing, you will want to seek a coach that specializes in your sport. If you are a Jack of all Trades, enjoying competition in many different sports, please contact me and I’d be happy to discuss your specific needs and see if I would be a good resource for you.

Do I need to have competitive goals to work with you?

Nope. While many athletes think of competition when they think of goals, I work with athletes with both competitive and non-competitive goals. Because having achievable goals is key to effective training, I am always happy work with you to help you identify non-competitive goals.

Do you work with kids?

Yes. I enjoy teaching classes and workshops for high school athletes and would be happy to work with your team or club. Check out these weekly online movement classes or these training resources (some are free!) If you are Where I Am Now, I offer in-person classes and lessons, including a clinic specifically tailored to the Wellness for Student Athletes for middle and high schoolers.

I will accept consultation requests for personal coaching for young athletes as well. However, please note that coaching teenage athletes can be a different ball game from coaching seniors and masters, and my top priority is to ensure that I will be a good resource for your child, so I may tell you I don’t think we are a good fit.

That said, when I was a high school athlete, I loved any chance I had to work with a coach who really got me. I now enjoy it just as much from a coaching perspective.

Do you offer coaching regarding sports psychology?

Mentality is an important piece of thriving in sport. My personal coaching clients enjoy informal conversations with me about anything related to their mental well-being or performance mentality. Work on specific mental goals is a special topic that can be addressed within a personal coaching program or via consultation.

The mental side of sport is also a frequent topic on the blog. Check out “You’ve Got The Look,” “The Athletic Identity Crisis,” or these posts on eating disorders in sports.

Please note that I am not a licensed sports psychologist. If I feel I cannot work effectively with you regarding your psychological goals, I may suggest you work with a psychologist.

I don’t really have time for a full training plan, but I’d still like to work with you.

Well you’re in luck, because part of my coaching promise is to help you enjoy a training plan that fits your lifestyle! There’s no such thing as not having time for a training plan. Together we will custom-design a plan that matches your goals and your lifestyle, and I will teach you how to make adjustments to it as needed, so you’re in control of your training. Schedule changed last minute? You can update your plan yourself, or ask me for a recommendation.

I want to exercise to lose weight. Does your coaching address weight-loss?

My standard personal coaching does not address weight loss. All personal training plans come with information on nutrition as relates to endurance training, and athletes have the option to include a food journal in their training logs, which I will review alongside their training note.

Many athletes cite weight maintenance as one of their training goals, and I am happy to work with you if this applies to you! However, if your primary goal is to lose weight, I may not be the best match for you, in which case, we will schedule a free consultation to talk more about your needs and determine whether we want to work together.

I’d love to travel as often as you! Can you teach me to be a digital nomad?

Sort of! I can tell you what I’ve done, and I can point you in the direction of some folks I’ve learned from. What I can help you with is the mindset adjustment required to believe you can be a digital nomad. Location-independence is one of the many gifts of the internet, and if you want to make your income online and travel the world, I am happy to tell you it is possible!

Your question not listed? Let me know! Contact me