Senior and Masters Athletes

Maybe you raced in college. Or you’re a long-time outdoors enthusiast. Maybe now you find yourself balancing a career and/or family with your running, skiing, hiking, etc.

Maybe you’re like me: post-college but still racing at a national or international level.

No doubt you have a good deal of drive and independence. Do you ever wonder if your current training program is maximizing your ability to:

Get Faster

Be Healthier

Avoid Injury

Snag that PR

I’ve seen so many passionate athletes working hard, but not working smart; not knowing how to take advantage of the details like recovery, nutrition, goal setting, strength training, and consistency. Even athletes who train with friends, who post on Strava, who read all the blogs and magazines. Take this quick, self-diagnosing quiz:

Masters Quiz

Mostly a’s?

You’re well on your way, and you clearly know what you are doing. Ready to tap into the additional benefits of sport-specific strength training, goal workshopping, and accountability, all while learning the fundamentals behind the concepts you apply? Check out Coaching Options where you can learn what I specialize in and discover whether we would be a good match.

Mostly b’s?

You’ve clearly read a thing or two, or talked to your cousin who once ran a marathon. But there is so much you are doing that, while it displays your obvious motivation and enthusiasm, is hurting your performance more than helping. Check out Train Less, Improve More to get started on the right track, and then consider working with me personally, and benefiting from guidance, accountability and consistency.

Mostly c’s?

Well, you’ve got to start somewhere, and the good news is, you have! You’re already ahead of the pack. But you are doing yourself a serious disservice by not employing some simple training strategies. Check out Common Mistakes of the Independent Athlete to get started. Not sure you’re ready to spring for a personal coach just yet? Check out other coaching options or drop in for a weekly Zoom movement class. 


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