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The natural world provides ample opportunity to connect with our creative selves. Words can be harnessed to capture the essence of our most profound experiences in nature, and to share those experiences with readers.


I offer one-on-one classes and writing sessions, and I am available for online editing. Contact me below.

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This week’s prompt: Adapt

Last week’s prompt: Pillow (read mine here!)

MidWrites, or Midnight Writes, are a weekly exercise designed to encourage a regular writing practice, in a relaxed environment. Writing can seem prohibitively daunting to anyone, regardless of experience level. MidWrites are intended to take some of the pressure off.

New prompts are given on Fridays. Writers are encouraged to write a short (less than one page) piece about the topic. Once you look at a prompt, you have until midnight that night to write it. This discourages overthinking.

MidWrites aren’t meant to be “good.” There is no time for editing. No time for stalling. Just write. Whatever comes to mind. By midnight.

My MidWrite for the previous week will be posted here. Send me your MidWrite in the form below. I look forward to writing with you!

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