Intensity Training Group

Thanks for putting this together; I was so psyched to do something I would not do on my own!”

Thanks for a great season! Intensity emails will resume mid-Spring. Click below to let me know you’re interested.

Join an organized intensity training program: receive every-other-week emails to help you supercharge your training.

The workouts are designed with a multi-week progression in mind.

All emails include: how to do the workout, how to modify the workout, and why we’re doing this workout, so you know you’re getting the best session for you.

As a bonus, all emails also include a primer on improving your post-workout recovery.

All previous workouts will be emailed to athletes who join after the start date.

(Sessions are designed for skiers, but most can also be converted to running workouts. Want to try a run-specific workout? Here you go!)


Consider paying by Venmo: @CarlyOutside phone #2333

Biweekly Intensity Emails

Jan & Feb (4 emails)