Passion for adventure. Love of fitness. A need to get outside (the box). 

Sound like you?

I offer resources and coaching to help you:

  • Train more effectively and achieve your fitness and performance goals
  • Adventure more, and adventure farther
  • Explore your creativity
  • Design your ideal lifestyle
Costa Rica


There are lots of ways to work with me. I offer:

Athletic Coaching for Endurance Athletes and Outdoors Enthusiasts

There’s something for everyone here. I work with high-level Nordic skiers and runners, recreational athletes in many sports, and total beginners looking for the guidance to get started.

Lifestyle Design Coaching and Consultation

Ready to ‘figure out” your life? Afraid your dream life will never be a reality? Ready to embark on more outdoors adventures? Want to free yourself from a standard 9-5 and start traveling? Click here to learn more about working with me and unlocking whatever door you desire.


Want to start right now? Here are some free resources.


Looking for inspiration? Check out the stories of outdoors adventures, endurance training, and lifestyle design here. You can also find some of my creative writing.


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