2018/2019 Season Fundraiser

Hi Everyone,

A quick note today to introduce my fundraising campaign for the 2018/2019 Super Tour Season. Last year my community (you) helped make my first season on the circuit a success, and I’m so grateful to have you all pulling for me. (Check out some highlights from last year’s season, including two new personal best finishes at U.S. Nationals!)

As a semi-pro athlete, I receive some support from the companies and individuals here, who provide me with many of the products and services I need to compete on the domestic pro circuit. Outside of this I am self-supported, meaning I work to pay for all my travel expenses, lodging, race entry fees, licenses, and part of my wax support, in addition to daily living expenses throughout the year. I’ve learned to be thrifty in my travels, and I really love the lifestyle I’ve built (check out my Instagram to see some of the awesome training adventures I get up to in the off-season, living in my Prius!) My annual fundraising adds a little bit of support to what my sponsors provide and what I create for myself.

You can read more about my athletic story, and exactly what the funds are going to support, at my campaign page.

I’m also running a raffle! See the campaign page for prize details. You don’t have to donate to be entered.

If you’d like, please feel free to share my campaign with friends or on social media. Thanks for being part of the dream. See you on the snow!




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