Where I Am Now

Part of my endurance adventure is following the good training and racing all over the world! Here you will find a little about my current location.

Current Location:

The Upper Valley (VT/NH)


Last year, I relocated my western training and adventuring base to Bozeman, MT, in time for a quick jaunt east. That jaunt turned into a year.

Though the nomad in me is ready to get going again, the prudent option until Covid-19 is not longer a threat is to stay put. This is already the longest I’ve been in one place in 5 years, and it looks like I’ll be here another year yet. Wish me luck.

There are plenty of exciting opportunities to meet up (or there will be as social distancing guidelines permit). Eventually, find me coaching with the Ford Sayre club, coaching a sports medicine clinic at Open Door Integrative Wellness in White River Junction, teaching writing at The Writers Center, and you can book a consultation with me if you’re in the area. I also look forward to being able to return to cooking, so if you would like to have me cook for your family, message me here.

If you’re not in the Upper Valley, first of all, come check it out (next year, after we all get vaccinated). Second, you can always be in touch! I offer phone or video consultations for all things endurance, online custom training plan design, and I am accepting new athletes for personal coaching. Check that out here.

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