Student Athletes

Balancing school and training is no small feat.

I work with a variety of high school and collegiate athletes:

  • Athletes training without a team who are in need of additional support
  • Athletes who need some help tweaking a training plan to fit other areas of life
  • Student athletes who are approaching graduation and looking for guidance incorporating athletics into their post-school life. These individuals may also be interested in my lifestyle design consultation.
  • Teams looking to support the overall mental and physical wellness of their athletes. Read more Wellness for Student Athletes.
  • Consultation on training plan design for teams

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If you are a coach for a middle or high school team, I offer training plan design consultation year-round, and in-person clinics and workshops when scheduling permits. I am passionate about promoting wellness for young athletes, and helping them navigate the balance of athletic identity and goals with their other pursuits. This is a challenging and formative time for athletes, let’s give them the best resources we can.


If you are the parent of a middle or high school athlete, I am excited to offer an in-person Buddy Training program for younger athletes, if you are Where I Am Now.

Student athletes in grade school often have excellent resources throughout the school year, but these program lack continuity throughout the summer months. Buddy Training is designed with the summer in mind, and can be customized entirely to fit the needs of the athlete. Working with the athlete, parents, and other coaches if applicable, I will help design a training plan for the athlete if they do not already have one, and if appropriate for their athletic goals. I will then be a daily resource for them to check in with thoughts or questions about the day’s workout.

Then we’ll meet up once or twice a week to do a workout together. This provides the athlete with:

  • Company for their training
  • Feedback from a personal coach
  • Transportation to training venues if needed
  • Accountability and consistency throughout the summer

If the athlete has specific competitive goals in Nordic skiing or running, I am very happy to work with them to execute a training plan that will set them up for competitive success. For all other endurance sports including cycling, mountain biking, field sports, or swimming, I am happy to work with athletes who have general training goals. I also enjoy building strength training workouts with endurance athletes of all types. I find rock climbing to be an excellent natural strength workout, so if desired, climbing could be part of our weekly meetups.

The program can be continued beyond the summer months, or I may consider taking on a student athlete as a personal coaching client.