Additional Coaching Options

Work with Teams

Remote services for clubs and team (available for Junior, Senior, & Master age athletes)

We relied on Carly for weekly training log checks for our remote athletes as well as offering a skier-specific mobility session once a week for the entire winter to all athletes.

Carly provided our coaching staff with a very useful and concise summary of observations each week from the training logs that helped inform our coaching decisions. In mobility, our skiers connected well with Carly and really appreciated the depth of knowledge and attention she put into the individual athletes and into catering the program to fit the demands of the sport and the needs of the group.

Moreover, the ease of being able to switch from homework right into mobility or strength and right to dinner time really opened our eyes to the secondary benefits of well-executed remote programming! Thanks, Carly!

-Hilary, Head Coach, Ford Sayre Nordic

In-person (available for Junior, Senior, & Master age athletes)

To chat about whether these services will help your team thrive, or to find out if I am available in your area, contact me.

Generic Training Plans

I offer non-custom training plans for registrants of local running races. For every race, multiple versions of the training plan are available; athletes select their preferred plan based on recent weekly mileage and competitive goals. These are always free with entry into a participating race. Running a race that doesn’t currently offer this option? Check out custom training plans.

If you want to run a race that offers one of my plans, consider the Franconia Notch 2021 Half Marathon in Franconia, NH, or the Middlebury Maple Run 2022 Half Marathon & 3 Mile Fun Run in Middlebury, VT, or ask your local race director to request my plans.

Are you a race director who wants to add value to your race experience, and draw in more athletes? Let me know, and I might write a series of plans for your race. (It’s free!)


One-time or periodic consultation is available independent of or in conjunction with a personal coaching program. Consultation is best suited for athletes with one-time questions about training or who want occasional feedback but do not want the structure of a personal training plan, or for athletes with a Basic Level training plan who wish to address a specific question or goal in -more detail.

Read more about in-person and remote consultation.

Pricing: $60/hour for remote, $80/hour in person