Additional Coaching Options

Work with Teams

Remote services for clubs and team (available for Junior, Senior, & Master age athletes)

In-person (available for Junior, Senior, & Master age athletes)

To chat about whether these services will help your team thrive, or to find out if I am available in your area, contact me.

Generic Training Plans

I offer non-custom training plans for registrants of local running races. For every race, multiple versions of the training plan are available; athletes select their preferred plan based on recent weekly mileage and competitive goals. These are always free with entry into a participating race. Running a race that doesn’t currently offer this option? Check out custom training plans.

If you want to run a race that offers one of my plans, check back here for updates. The races I work with are currently postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Are you a race director who wants to add value to your race experience, and draw in more athletes? Let me know, and I might write a series of plans for your race. (It’s free!)


One-time or periodic consultation is available independent of or in conjunction with a personal coaching program. Consultation is best suited for athletes with one-time questions about training or who want occasional feedback but do not want the structure of a personal training plan, or for athletes with a Basic Level training plan who wish to address a specific question or goal in -more detail.

Read more about in-person and remote consultation.

Pricing: $60/hour for remote, $80/hour in person