The Nomadic Athlete

As you may know, I like to keep on the go. I have been in Norwich, VT for nearly 8 months, and it’s almost time to move on. My next adventure commences on June 1, when I embark for a cross-country road trip, finishing in

Bend, Oregon!

I’m heading out there to…you guessed it: Train for Nordic skiing!

I’ll be joining Bend Endurance Academy for a summer training program. But that’s not all. I am considering joining an elite team in order to take next year’s race season to a new level. So this summer will be an opportunity for me to “try out” the program, to experience working with the coach (yes, even coaches need coaches!) and to determine together if I would be a good fit as a member of the elite team.

This is pretty big news for me, for a number of reasons. In the past year, I have rediscovered a love for skiing that I thought I’d lost forever amid the innumerable trials that come with high-level competition. I’ve designed and executed my own training program with highly rewarding results. I’ve traveled, and built myself a mobile training plan that I can take anywhere, and adjust to any circumstance.

And now I’m going to move myself and my training across the country and begin a new chapter in the endurance adventure!

Training, racing, and traveling is my lifestyle. Everything I do is connected to one or more of these primary aspects. Your own training can fit into your lifestyle in the same way. All you need is

  1. A training plan
  2. The know-how to adjust that plan to fit your changing schedule.

Effective training has to be organized in some way. It has to be pre-planned. Specific workouts must be completed at certain times. The athlete must balance volume (easy distance) and intensity (interval workouts and races.) Proper recovery must be incorporated.

Effective training also has to be flexible. Being able to adapt your training to your lifestyle is key for consistency. And if an athlete cannot achieve consistency, no progress will be made. Period.

It sounds complicated. It is a little complicated. But you can learn to do it, just like I’ve learned to do it. In my nearly 14 years as a competitive athlete, I’ve worked with a number of elite level coaches and trainers, and I’ve had significant learning by trial-and-error. Now I’m moving on to work with a new coach and a group of elite athletes (including a National Champion.) The is my next step to improve my endurance efficacy. What’s your next step?

Take it today. Send me a message with a question about effective training, or how to adapt a training plan to your lifestyle. No question is too basic. I will respond to every query I receive, and it’s completely free.

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