A Student of the Sport

Hi I’m Carly, and I’m a Nerd.

You might have already known that, as I enjoy throwing around terms like “proprioception,” and “macronutrient.” (WordPress doesn’t even recognize those words!)

Specifically, I’m an endurance nerd. My idea of a fun morning includes cross-referencing my various textbooks and magazine articles to put together the most comprehensive connective-tissue-strengthening workout to give me the best shot at avoiding injury here in these early weeks of running season. That’s what I did over my morning coffee every day last week. How about you?

Half my bookshelf is information about training; from a full-body running guide, to body- building for beginners, to a textbook from a college physiology class titled “Physiology of Sport and Exercise.” And then there’s the magazines: Trail Runner, Runner’s World, UltraRunning, Cross Country Skier…one about life in New England because that’s Where I Am Now but hey, gotta have some variety in there!

Anyway, I’ve been lucky enough to have spent most of my life fully immersed in something I’m very passionate about. (No, now is not the moment when this turns into a blog post about finding your passion.) What I’m saying is, if your idea of a relaxing morning does not include writing seven different versions of a potential training plan for yourself, I think we’d be good complements to each other!

Maybe you’re a computer nerd. Or you really get taxes (in which case, I’d love to talk…) But me, I get endurance training. That’s why I’ve been able to put together a successful and FUN independent race season. If you are training- for a race goal, for fitness, or because you lost a bet- I bet I can help you make it more efficacious.

I can take the guesswork out for you, so you can go out the door for your workout and know what you’re doing is going to get you where you want to go. I can remove the tedious part. I enjoy the studying, so you can enjoy your training.

In the early days, my first coach called this being “A Student of the Sport.” Every athlete, at any level, needs a good Student in their lives. Someone who will do the hard work and stay up to date on the latest physiology studies and pass on that knowledge and inspiration. I’m a coach, and I’m a Student.

So if you’re also a Student of the Sport, let’s unite and nerd-out together. If you’re not, let’s unite and help each other grow as athletes. Every opportunity I get to work with an athlete is a learning experience for me, and for a Nerd, there could be no higher pleasure.


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